About Us

"I believe an individual should be the best at what they do. Integrity, self respect, personal accomplishment are key elements for ones existence and self worth"

For that reason I established my own company and named it United Excavation Services, Inc.

Mission Statement:
Our goal is "to build a business with personalized attention one customer at a time". All efforts are on recycling materials to preserve our natural resources, provide waste reduction in land fills to save green space for our environment, while reducing total job costs to save "you" the client money while complying with all regulations.

Company Promise to You:
Is our unyielding determination not to compromise on safety and regulatory issues that will put "you" the client or our employees at risk. Our purpose is to provide professional, personalized service, while putting "you" the client first instead of our economic gain.

Company History:
United Excavation Services, was established in 1983 and incorporated in 1984. We provided the Tri State area of NY, NJ, and CT. State Police, Local Police, and the Local Fire and Emergency professionals with equipment, labor, and supplies for environmental cleanup operations, recovery, and demolition services. Petroleum spills and highway accidents lead us into the removal of fuel oil tanks and water bourn spills.

In 1986 the newly formed Environmental Protection Agency ( E.P.A.) and subsequent regulations began to impact all forms of industries such as; bulk fuel storage companies, transporters, and local gas stations. The new regulations regarding petroleum products force a massive compliance issue, setting new standards for all petroleum related industries. For approximately 10 years we removed old above and below grade fuel tanks along with contaminated soils and related structures and buildings to meet the new regulations.

We soon found ourselves growing into the demolition and contracting industry. As the States where becoming compliant, the Real Estate market found the need for our services in fuel tank removals, excavation of contaminated soils, and demolition of retired and obsolete buildings. By 1994 most of the States were 95 % plus in compliance.

In 1995 we decided to expand and open an office in North Carolina to service both the Carolinas. Soon the exploding Residential & Commercial Real Estate market found a need for our services and we continued to perform the same services.

We currently provide the following service; Demolition, Excavation & Grading, Abatement & Environmental Remediation, New Site Construction & Restoration, Salvage & Recovery Operations, Serving home and business owners for Residential and Commercial properties.


Residential & Commercial
Complete or Partial


Fuel Tank Removals
Abatement Services
General Clean-up of Facilities


Land Clearing & Grading
Debris Removal
Fire Damage Clean-up


New Construction
Site Clean-Up
Hauling of All Types of Materials
Dump Trucks & Dump Trailers


Asset Recovery of Metals
Retrieval of Historical Items

United Excavation Services, Inc.

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Office: (910) 793-1999

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